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It happened during her second date with an Illinois man she met on a dating website. “He seemed like a nice guy and was a single parent like me,” says the 46-year-old real-estate agent in a recent interview. On that evening in March 2016, the two had dinner and drinks at a downtown restaurant. “Things were going well and I liked him,” she says.
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To the rescue

Collin Vander Galien had been working at Didion Milling in Cambria for about three months, loading 55-pound bags of processed corn into train cars. It was hardly his dream job but it paid well and he needed the money to pay off his truck and student loans from an unfinished degree from Madison College.
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Terrorist or Victim of Entrapment? Milwaukee Case Raises Troubling Issues

When federal agents arrested a young Muslim man in an undercover sting in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, last year, they played it up big as "terrorism." His defense, however, says any threat was not just overblown, but completely manufactured.
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Seeing with the Brain

UW–Madison researcher and Wicab Inc. founder Paul Bach-y-Rita showcases his tongue display unit, a sensory substitution device that helps profoundly blind patients with orientation, mobility, and object recognition through electro-tactile stimulation. Photo by Phillipe Psaila/Science Photo Library.
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Wisconsin Life: Beatboxer

Zachary Zimmermann loves to beatbox. He learned how as a kid and now in college, he's using his talents as a vocal percussionist in a campus a capella group. “When I was in fourth grade," says Zimmerman, "my camp counselor, who could beatbox, and he showed it to us. He said, ‘This will be cool when you’re older -- you need to learn how to do this.’.
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How the New Planned Parenthood Clinic Managed to Emerge Fully Formed

New construction is usually a big deal. Especially when it’s an $8 million development just south of the Third Ward, on a parcel near the water. There’s usually a photo op and groundbreaking event to bring attention to the project. But none of that occurred in 2016 when Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin began work on a new health clinic at 435 S.
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Skin in the Game

Raised an only child in a wholesome family and educated at Catholic school, Jon Ferraro has grown up to be a lavishly successful businessman in his hometown, earning a fortune — and lots of headlines — in the unholy world of strip clubs. He owns three. He wants to own more. Standing in the way is a city tired of his act and a lingering legal matter with the code name "Russian Laundry."
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Madison settles Tony Robinson lawsuit for record $3.35 million

Attorney Anand Swaminathan stands with Tony Robinson's mother, Andrea Irwin, as he explains details about the lawsuit settlement to reporters outside the Capitol. Madison has settled a lawsuit brought by the family of Tony Robinson for $3.35 million, the largest settlement in state history for an officer-involved shooting, according to the family’s attorneys.
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Emerging emcees

You don’t need expensive instruments or equipment to get started. All you need to get down is a beat and some rhymes. The beat can come from any source — someone banging on a table, a DJ, a drummer or even an app on your phone. And, like song lyrics of every other genre, the rhymes can — and do— vary widely in scope, style and substance.
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Policing while black

Not all of Brian Whitmore’s friends wanted him to become a cop. It wasn’t that they feared for his safety. It was because they saw him as a traitor. “All you’re gonna do is lock up more brothers,” friends told Whitmore, who is black. “You’re just going to oppress more of us because that’s the system you’re going to work for.”.
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Fatal Fentanyl

Last month, an opioid antidote, Narcan, was used 42 times to revive drug users who had overdosed, according to the Madison Fire Department. This compared to just 11 times in May of last year. While that increase is alarming, it pales in comparison to the month before. In April 2015, Narcan was used 14 times to correct an opioid overdose, but in April of this year, drug users overdosed and were revived 70 times.
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The hip-hop architect

Class is out for the summer, but Michael Ford is still in teaching — and recruiting — mode. The Madison College professor of architecture is meeting a recent East High graduate at the DreamBank downtown to chat about careers. The student had been leaning toward engineering, but Ford is pushing him to consider a different kind of design.
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